Friday, October 31, 2008

Pretty Toes

In case Bryan ever gets tired of the Post Office, he may have a career in cosmetology waiting for him...

What girl doesn't like a pedicure?! the final product...
How precious is that?!

I've been Paid!

I was reading thru some blogs one night at work (while I was working, of course) and amidst all of the cheesy, perfect family blogs, I found a funny, real-life blog. It was refreshing and fun so I bookmarked it and checked back in on it every so often. One day, I checked in and she was doing a "Pay-it forward" treat based on a treat she received. I was one of the lucky recipients of her Pay-it forward project and here is what I got in the mail today....

So, so cute!!! I was excited like a little kid to get my package in the mail!!
I can't wait to try my recipes. Thank you, Anne Marie!! You are a sweetie!!

Now it's my turn to Pay-it forward....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Conversation with Logan

Logan: "Mom, can I say a bad word?"

Me: "No."

Logan: "Please, mom. I want to really bad."

Me: "No, Logan."

Logan: "But Mady looks so cute, I just want to say a bad word. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Two cherries on top? A hundred cherries?"

Me: "Just say stinkin' cute. Stinkin's not a bad word."

Logan: "What if I say 'beep'?"

Me: (rolling my eyes)

Logan: "How about 'fuzz'? I like that! Fuzz you. Fuzz you. Fuzz you"

Me: "No, Logan. That sounds too much like a bad word."

Logan: "But my head is going to explode cuz I want to say it so bad!

Me: (laughing to myself)

Logan: "Please, mom, don't let me die. Don't let my head explode. Just let me say the bad word!"

I've been at it again!

Well, I stayed up late last night making hair bows. I thought I would share them so let me know what you think!!

These are "clippies".... Here are some more flowers I did since the last flower blog...

And you can't see the product without the model!!!

they can clip to a headband

Or just to the hair. I like the bigger bows and flowers on a ponytail.

OK, you have to give me your feedback. Let me know what you think. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of these bows and flowers! Maybe I should look for a second job to support my new habit!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We went in search of the Great Pumpkin, and we all left with our own perfect pumpkin.

The "king of the patch." This cat tried killing a baby mouse, scared the crap out of my tough Wienie dog, and drew blood from my 2 year old. I suppose it's all in a days work.

The nice pumpkin patch man saved the baby mouse.

Bryan found it!! The perfect pumpkin!

Mady picked out a funky pumpkin. No really, she did it all on her own.

Logan opted for the green pumpkin so it could look like Hulk.

After trying to pick up lots of big pumpkins to no avail, Brooklyn decided on a cute little one that she could lift.

Lexy really took her time searching for just the right pumpkin. It's an important quest! Then she helped carry her baby sisters pumpkin for her. What a big helper.

Reagan even found one that was a little heavy for even her to carry.
Stay tuned for the "carving blog"....coming soon.

My thoughtful girl

When I woke up the other morning, this was lying on the pillow next to me...
Alexis is such a thoughtful little girl. It is nice to know that a 7 year old doesn't see the fat, wore out body from having 4 babies. She can't see the ugly split-end hair. And it doesn't matter to her if I'm not wearing any make-up, because to my sweet Alexis, her mom "is the prettiest girl in the world." This little picture made my day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mady's 5 Month Photo Shoot

Aunt Jeanie made this adorable headband for Mady and I thought it was so cute it warranted a photo shoot!

( my personal favorite!)

OK I couldn't resist this one. I just think that little toosh and legs are so stinkin cute!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Long Day

My day started out good. I enjoyed a delicious toasted marshmallow mocha for breakfast. I visited my dog at her new owner's house and was so happy that she is doing well. I stumbled upon a yard sale and bought a Jumperoo for Mady for $5!! I needed one and finding it at that price made my day!

Then I went to pick Logan up from school and it all started to slowly slip down hill. You know when your child's teacher says she needs to talk to you that your angel is in trouble. It still holds true. A parent brought a picture to the teacher that Logan had drawn and given to the parent's kid.
Please to enjoy...
Bryan and I had to sit down with Logan and explain to him that it is NOT OK to draw pictures of your classmates "killing" nor is it OK to hit another kid on the playground.

Later, I get a phone call from Bryan saying that someone (thankfully) just called the post office and said they found Bryan's signed paycheck on the playground at the school. (Thank you to whomever you were for not stealing my house and car payment). Apparently it fell out of my pocket while I was getting the low down on my child's lack of social skills from his teacher.

I then drove to Jerome to visit my mom and grandma and left my cell phone at my grandma's house. My cell phone is my life line.

While in Jerome, I was reminded that as much as I loved growing up there, I never, ever want to live there again.
Amidst all of these seemingly trivial things, I am dealing with screaming, crying, hyper children...and my blood pressure is only rising.
I decided that the only way to end the stressful day was to go to my favorite place....

Dinner was less than perfect. I did get my margarita and the food was good, but they crammed all 6 of us into a booth. While eating extremly close to a very wiggly 5 year old is no fun, it pales in comparison to having to try and enjoy your meal when the restaurant is easily 90 degrees. We were so hot! I scarfed my food down before I sweat into my plate and came home for a much needed quiet evening.
In retrospect, it doesn't seem as bad as it felt earlier. Regardless, tomorrow will be a better day. Right?

At least this makes me smile.