Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is often said that change is for the better. Is it? And who says this, because I'm not so sure I agree. I'm not such a big fan of change. In the seven months since I last blogged (yikes!!) LOTS has changed!!!!

  • All of my kids had a birthday. I hate that they're growing up so fast! :(

  • My parents moved out of their house that they've lived in for 43 years. The house that I grew up in. The new house is about 3 times as big and is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • My mom and her siblings began cleaning out my grandma's house to get it ready to sell. That's the house my mom grew up in and the only house I've ever known as "grandma's".

  • We moved into our new hospital. It's very pretty and much bigger and nicer, but I spent the last 12 years working in that other one.

  • I have to work with two new pharmacists on my night shift. One I really enjoy and the other is a pain in my butt and I don't like working with him. I really, really miss working with Tom and Shannon. Tom and I always joke that we are "work married". We have worked together since I started at Kurt's Pharmacy 13 years ago. I miss working with him. And Shannon is about to have baby #2 :)

  • And today I was diagnosed with Diabetes. UGH!! It shouldn't be much of a surprise. I mean when you have a family history, you're 100 lbs overweight, your activity level is at a minimum and you eat whatever you want....what's to be surprised about?? I am however, very bummed. This is a big change. A lifestyle change. I just started on oral medication and have already began watching what I eat. I hope to increase my activity and get this thing under control!! I enjoy having feeling in my extremeties, being able to see and like having full-functioning kidneys so I think I'll cut back on carbs and sugar! The doctor asked me today if I've had any additional stress since my last check in December and like a fool I said "not that I can think of'" DUH!! I guess I should refer her to this blog post. ;)