Monday, September 6, 2010

Its Been HOW Long?!

15 years!!!! That's right, I graduated from high school 15 years ago. Oh my word, I'm old.
One of my classmates organized a 15 year reunion and even though we didn't have a big turn-out, it was a lot of fun to see some familiar faces and catch up.
We had a family picnic in the afternoon and then an adult only dinner that night.
I laughed really hard and was happy to see some people I haven't seen in, well, about 15 years!
It's crazy how fast time goes by!! Is there any way to slow it down...just a little bit?!

Wagon Days 2010

Every year on Labor Day weekend, we try to go to Sun Valley to the Wagon Days parade. My dad LOVES to go to the Silver car auction so mom and the rest of us go to the parade then have a picnic and wander around Sun Valley. It is a lot of fun. This year mom, Lisa's family and my family all went, and Bryan got to go too!!! He usually has to work but we were happy he was able to come with us this year.
The Wagon Days parade is all horse-drawn. It's pretty cool. We really talked up "seeing the horsies" to Mady on the way there. We arrived a little early and when we were there, and the horsies weren't....she was not happy!!

and then the horsies arrived....

...and she was SO EXCITED!!! She couldn't clap hard enough!

(am I the only one that HATES to have their picture taken? UGH!)

After the parade, we went to the lake behind the Sun Valley Lodge and had a picnic and let the kids play.
Bryan and Montana lounging

Lexy's poor sunburn! The sun was to our right during the parade and we were all a little "redder" on our right sides than our left. And YES, I did put sunscreen on my kids first (but they still burnt).

Brookie never misses an opportunity to strike a pose.

Logan spent most of the day trying to perfect his dam.

And Mady, my child that was scared to death of sprinklers not too long ago, LOVED playing in the lake!!! She didn't even mind that it was freezing cold, she was too busy hunting for rocks at the bottom.

Reagan even had fun playing with the other kids.

Bryan took Alexis and Logan out on the paddle boat. They had a blast!
It was a really fun day. We ended up spending so long at the lake that we didn't even get to go hang out at the car auction with dad! I was a little bummed about that. It's fun to see how excited he gets looking at all of those awesome cars. There's always next year!!

Pull Up a Chair

As if 6 chairs at our dinner table isn't enough, it appears we are going to be needing one more.

It looks so innocent at this point....but don't turn your head!

Because he is paying attention.....

And then if you don't look then this is what happens.

But if you really aren't paying attention...the big dummy gets right up on top of the table.
You would think that those short little legs would keep him out of things... and you would be correct....however, it's that long body that gets him into lots of trouble (and on kitchen tables)!

A Dozen Years

This August, Bryan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Twelve years!! Bryan says it only feels like 20. We have never made a huge deal out of anniversaries, as a matter of fact we have actually forgotten it a couple of times! I wanted to do something special but I didn't really do anything about it (typical me), so my friend stepped in. My friend Suzy told me to get a babysitter and meet her at the bridge at 8pm. That was all we knew.
We arrived just as the sun was setting and there was Suzy and her husband waiting for us and a blanket and picnic basket lying on the grass. She planned a romantic, quiet picnic dinner for just the two of us!!! It was such a nice surprise!!

Our view!

Our dinner! Complete with a fresh picked bouquet of roses from Suzie's daughter.

It was so quiet and peaceful.....and quiet. It was probably our nicest anniversary to date. Thank you, Suzie for making our day so special!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday my grandma Bagley today.
It's so weird to not have her here to celebrate with us. I hope she is celebrating big up in heaven today!