Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brookie Meets Sharpie

she was so proud of herself!!

Mady and Mommy

I love my moo bear!!

The Dollhouse

Brookie got a new dollhouse for Christmas from grandpa Don. I think she's played with it everyday since Christmas! She loves it! And apparently so do all of her new animals.

The Stake Christmas Concert

Alexis got the opportunity to sing in the primary choir at the Stake Christmas program. It was an AWESOME program and the whole fam came out to support her!

I love this picture of my parents and Grandma Bagley!

These pictures of Grandma and Mady reading a book are precious!! I love it!!

Alexis is in there, I promise. Right smack in the middle.

Logan can always manage to entertain himself.

Aunt Lisa and Montana and Reagan came too!!

Bryan was happy to be there.
And Brookie.....

...oh Brookie!

This is How Logan....

.....plays video games at aunt Lisa's house.

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's House

I love these pictures of grandpa Haney showing Mady the Christmas tree ornaments!

grandma and grandpa spoiled Brookie....

...and Logan....

...and Alexis!
and Mady but she was too grumpy to open any of her gifts so we didn't get any pictures of it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas at the Walker House 2009

don't be fooled, we had the hardest time getting her to open her presents. It took her all day to get through her gifts at her pace! (literally!)

go Lexy!!

the princess got all of the princess barbies.... of Bryan's favorite gifts!

Lexy and her new DS game

Lexy and her stack of gifts

Logan and his stack of gifts

Santa brought Brookie a My Little Pony and some Little Pet Shops in her stocking!

One of the only pictures of Mady smiling. She was so grumpy!

Brookie proudly standing in front of her stack of gifts.

It was an excellent, blessed Christmas. We spent the whole day with family and kept it really low key. What a great day.