Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Call Me Sandra...

...see the resemblance??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Baby Turns 2!!

My Mady turned 2 last week. This was a little bitter sweet for her mommy, my baby is growing up so fast! She is such a sweet little monkey. She has a very large vocabulary and a pretty large attitude too. She has such a fun personality and we just enjoy her so much! We celebrated her and Reagan's birthday together at Idaho Pizza.

Grandma Haney made her a Minnie Mouse cake, she was so excited!!

My niece, Reagan, 14 years old.

Grandma made her a Mickey Mouse card and it was her favorite part of the whole party!!

The card!!!

Brooklyn helped open every present. She really wanted everything Mady got! Mady loved opening presents this year.

Awwww, giving Minnie kisses!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Logan's Prayer

In Primary this year, the kids get a little spiral notebook with a picture of Jesus on the front and a Happy Birthday pencil. Logan got his in church last week and I found it lying on the table. I LOVED all of the little pictures he drew and particularly this note he wrote. I wanted to steal it and keep it forever but instead I decided to just take a picture of it and share. Man, I love this kid!

It says "Thank you for the state. Thank you for mom and dads. Thank you for our live, for baptism. And I say these things in name of Jesus Christ, amen."

That's the translation, but his mis-spellings are so much more interesting!!! He has such a big heart!

My Mothers Day Gifts

My kids ask me every year what I want for Mothers Day and my birthday and I just tell them to make me something. I love their homemade gifts more than anything else. This year Bryan got me this vintage Cabbage Patch Kids lunch box. I love it!!! It so reminds me of my childhood! But you know you are getting old when you have to buy things from your childhood at an antique store!!! yikes!!

All the kids made me a tissue flower in Primary on Sunday. Brooklyn made me that sweet little picture of her hands and it says "These are the hands you used to hold when I was just 3 years old".....oh, I love it!!!!

Logan made me a pencil holder. It says Happy Mothers Day on one side and has a picture of me sitting at the computer on the other side. LOL, I guess he knows me too well.

And Alexis made me this flower pot with a flower in it. She also made me a card that said "even though we fight, I still love you." Oh boy! LOL

I loved all of my gifts. It was a very nice Mothers Day. I am so blessed to have such wonderful children!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eye Appointment

As I had mentioned HERE we took the kids to Boise Monday for their appointments with the Pediatric Opthamologist. It was very informative to say the least! I knew Logan had poor vision and was going to need glasses and possibly a patch to correct his eyes, and I was concerned Brooklyn may need glasses, but I was mostly concerned about Mady's eyes. As I had mentioned, her eyes do this weird drifting movement occasionally and I wasn't sure what we were going to find out about it. Well, it turns out Mady's eye movements are called nystagmus and it is a result of Ocular Albinism. That's right, I said Albinism.

OK, we've all known for at most, 7 years now, that 3 of my kids have white hair, eye brows and eye lashes. When Logan was born they had a Pediatrician check him to see if he was Albino. The doctor opened his eyes, took one look and said "no." Well, as I am learning, there are different degrees of Albanism. I just thought you either were or you were not and I assumed you had to have pink eyes to be Albino. Well, I was wrong. Apparently you can have cutaneous (skin) Albinism, Ocular (eye) Albinism and of course it can affect their hair. Of course my kids have no pigment in their hair, and apparently they have very little in their eyes too. The Opthamologist said that a normal retina will be a pink color, but in my kids, theirs are grey and you can see almost all the vessels through them. But they do have a little pigment because their eyes are blue.

There is nothing you can do to treat Albinism, but with Ocular Albinism you can only treat the symptoms. The doctor said that Mady's eyes are the worst (have the least amount of pigment, and the nystagmus) so she will continue to follow her. She is also far-sighted and has an astigmatism in both eyes. We are just going to keep an eye on her and hope that this won't have too much of an affect on her vision.

Logan's vision is bad. His left eye is weak but his right eye is much weaker so his brain uses his left eye more since it is stronger and therefor his right eye turns in a little. We are going to go pick out glasses for him today after school and the doctor wants to give him a few months to get used to the glasses then she will patch his left eye for a couple hours a day to strengthen his right eye.

Brooklyn (like the other two) is far-sighted and has an astigmatism in both eyes. She needs glasses but since she is young and seems to do well with near work, we decided to wait a year and let her grow a little before starting the glasses. Of course the doctor said that if she begins to show signs of having trouble with near work or struggles in school that we can start her on glasses sooner.

The doctor also referred us to a Geneticist for a genetic work up. She said it is a very long wait to see them but since the kids won't be in child rearing age for awhile, we have time to wait. She said that we have a 25% chance of having a child with Albinism......and we have 3 of a row! I guess that means that we are extra, extra, extra special!!?!?

Mothers Day 2010

This year for Mothers Day we decided to have a pot luck dinner at the nursing home with grandma Bagley. She is hanging in there but gets tired so easily, so we all went to be with her for the day. The food was delicious (of course) and the company was great. She enjoys watching the little kids run around and she really enjoyed having us all there to be with her. It was a special day.

Logan's 7th Birthday

My Sweet Logan turned 7 years old last Friday. If you don't know Logan, you are truly missing out. He is such a character, so unique and special. He has a kind heart and such a funny sense of humor. He is constantly making us laugh and we are so blessed to have him in our family.

For his birthday this year we went to Maxie's and had pizza and salad for dinner with our family and Grandma, Lisa and his cousins. My mom made the cutest cupcakes for him!! (if I ever find my card reader I'll get pictures uploaded.This was before I got my new camera so I only had my cell phone to take pictures with). They were crazy little monsters with yummy ganache eyes and tongues that stuck out. They were so adorable and delicious! Logan got a Nintendo DS for his birthday this year. He has been wanting one for soooo long. I may only see the top of his head now for a long time. We have to limit his time on it or he'd play till he went blind. We had to go to Boise on Monday for doctor appointments so we took them to Pojo's as part of his birthday present and they all got to play the games. They had a blast.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Couple Conversations With Logan

Me: Logan, what do you want for your birthday?

Logan: Some of those Playmobile dudes. Like 2 or 4 of them. How much do they cost?

Me: They are all different prices, just depends on what you want.

Logan: Well, if they are like $1 each, then I want 2 of them. And if they are like 1 cent each, then I want 4. If they are like $14.99, then I only want one.

Me: Where did my old Logan go? The one that was happy and being a big helper?

Logan: He went to the market.

Me: When will he be back cuz I like him better than this whiny Logan.

Logan: At about 2:30.

Me: Let me know when he gets here.

Logan: He went to Boise...................................and he took your car.