Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Babies

My Sweetie

My Boy

My Precious

My Princess

There's a New Sheriff in Town!

Brooklyn has decided that she is the boss of Jackson. She just realized a couple of days ago that he was small enough for her to carry, so she now feels it necessary to carry him everywhere!

I take him outside to potty, she is waiting at the porch to carry him back inside.

She was lying in her bed, supposedly napping, and I asked Logan to put Jackson in his kennel. Brooklyn jumped out of bed and ran to the kennel and pushed Logan out of the way so she could do it!!

Poor Jackson!

They should be best of friends in no time!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Camera!!

I got a new camera, and it broke 2 days later. So now I have another new camera and I love this one! So, here are some new pics of Mady, she just turned 9 months old!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Date Night

Alexis entered a drawing for a free ticket to the Daddy Daughter Ball. She drew a picture of her dad and wrote "I love him! Please pick me." They picked her. She was SO excited she could barely stand it!!

We went and picked out a new dress for the occasion
And some cute new silver shoes to match!!

They had dessert and danced together at the ball and then went out to dinner together. Bryan said he had a blast and Alexis said it was the best day of her life!

Poor Mady!

It seem inevitable for every child to fall off the bed, at least once. This is Mady's 3rd time. I feel like the worst mom ever! I was standing right there so she wouldn't fall and she lunged off right next to me. Poor thing fell right on her nose! It bled and bled, and I cried and cried. Thank goodness Bryan handles these situations better than I do!

My poor princess and her red, swollen nose!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Farewell to funny

Over 30....Hilarious!!!

I got this email from a friend and I can barely see to type this cuz I am laughing so hard. I hope you like it too!!

If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking Twenty -five miles to school every morning

Uphill... barefoot...

BOTH ways Yadda, yadda, yadda
And I remember promising myself that when I grew up,there was no way in hell I was going to lay
A bunch of crap like that o n kids about how hard I had it
and how easy they've got it!

But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.
You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia!

And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it!
I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we wanted to know something, We had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalogue!!

There was no email!! We had to actually write somebody a letter, with a pen!

Then you had to walk all the way across the street and put it in the mailbox and it would take like a week to get there! Stamps were 10 cents!

Child Protective Services didn't care if our parents beat us.
As a matter of fact, the parents of all my friends also had permission to kick our ass! No where was safe!
There were no MP3' s or Napsters! You wanted to steal music, you had to hitchhike to the damn record store and shoplift it yourself!

Or you had to wait around all day to tape it off the radio and the DJ'd usually talk over the beginning and @#*% it all up!

There were no CD players! We had tape decks in our car. We'd play our favorite tape and "eject" it when finished and the tape would come undone cause that's how we rolled, you dig?

We didn't have fancy crap like Call Waiting!
If you were on the phone and somebody else called they got a busy signal, that's it!
And we didn't have fancy Caller ID either! When the phone rang, you had no idea who it was! It could be your school,your mom, your boss, your Bookie, your drug dealer, a collections agent, you just didn't know!!! You had to pick it up and take your chances, mister!
We didn't have any fancy Sony PlayStation video games with high-resolution 3-D graphics!
We had the Atari 2600! With games like 'Space Invaders', 'asteroids' and or 'Pong'.
Your guy was a little square or block! You actually had to use your imagination!! And there were no multiple levels or screens, it was just one screen forever!And you could never win. The game just kept getting harder and harder and faster and faster until you died! Just like LIFE!
You had to use a little book called a TV Guide to find out what was on!
You were screwed when it came to channel surfing! You had to get off your ass and walk over to the TV to change the channel!
There was no Cartoon Network either!
You could only get cartoons on Saturday Morning. Do you hear what I'm saying!?! We had to wait ALL WEEK for cartoons, you spoiled little rat-bastards!
And we didn't have microwaves, if we wanted to heat something up we had to use the stove ... Imagine that!

That's exactly what I'm talking about!
You kids today have got it too easy. You're spoiled. You guys wouldn't have lasted five minutes back in 1980 or before!
Regards,The over 30 Crowd

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Am So Lucky

I can't seem to get enough of this song!! So, since I feel incredibly lucky to be in love with my best friend, I am including the lyrics to the song for your viewing pleasure.
by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I'm trying
Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard
I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will
I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday
And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music, feel the air
I'll put a flower in your hair
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now
I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I can cook...if I want to

I am often the butt of jokes in my family because my husband does more cooking than I do, and some would say (him especially) that he is a better cook. I am OK with this. But just to show those people (you know who you are) that I have a tiny bit of creativity in the kitchen.....tiny...I am including my favorite recipe for quesidilla filling that I invented all on my very own. Try it, you'll like it! I made it for Lisa today and I got her approval. I could eat this everyday!

Quesidilllas a la Connie =D
1 can Chicken Breast from Costco, drained (you can use fresh cooked chicken too but this is easier for me)
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed (I have used pintos too and those are good as well)
1 can green chilies

Place chicken in small frying pan and shred with fork. Add tomatoes, beans and chillies. Cook until heated through. Salt and pepper to taste. Add cheese and place in a tortilla. Grill, toast, microwave...however you choose to make your quesidillas. Enjoy!!!

Try it and tell me what you think.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm in Trouble!

While cleaning up today, I found a note that Alexis typed up in her computer class. It reads:

In 2009, I want to be on a diet, get a boyfriend, and make new friends.
Alexis Walker

.......She's 8 years old!

The Newest Member

Alexis was baptised on Saturday. It was such a nice day. Uncle Duane (and aunt Donna) came up from Utah and did her baptism and confirmation. Uncle Charles ( and Lorrinda) came down from Nampa. Charles did the baptism talk. He spoke right to Alexis and did such a good job. Aunt Debbie did the Holy Ghost talk and used lots of visual aids. It was a great talk! And I loved the visuals! We were thankful Grandma Bagley was well enough to make it and she gave the opening prayer, and Grandma Haney gave the closing prayer, and made us all cry! Alexis was so happy that her dad was there too. Aunt Lisa and Montana came and her cousin Jesse, as well as the primary presidency and bishopric. It was so nice and Alexis felt so special. She told me the Sunday before the baptism "I didn't realize getting baptised was such a big deal!" We'll see how long it takes for the newness of being accountable for her actions wears off. I imagine it won't be long before she's back to beating Logan up again. I am so proud of Alexis. If it weren't for her, there would have been many Sundays spent at home rather than church. When I wake up on Sunday and don't feel like going, she is already dressed and says, "It's ok if you don't want to go mom, I can just go by myself." So I get up and go and I am always thankful that I followed her example and went. We all need that extra little motivation to get us there sometimes, and Alexis is mine.
We also had Mady blessed that day. The priesthood is a little scarce in our family and so it isn't easy to get everyone together to do these things, so we decided that since the whole family would already be there as well as the bishopric, it was a great opportunity. Bryan was relieved he wouldn't have to go to sacrament meeting! Uncle Charles blessed Mady and it was such a beautiful blessing! I of course cried like a baby, blessings have that affect on me. Alexis kept looking at me during it and saying "what's wrong, mom? You can tell me.." It's a relief to finally get it done. She missed out on wearing the beautiful blessing dress grandma Bagley made because she didn't intend on the babies being 20lbs by the time they were blessed! It really was a great day. I wish I could post pictures but in the middle of the baptism my camera broke! I am so lost without it. I can't even load the pics I have on there to my computer. So, for now there is just words and no pictures. I guess Lisa won't be reading this! Too many words for her short attention span! =D