Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Big Dummy

Being the good friend that I am ;) I was helping my friend look for a new dog while she was here visiting. While looking, I found and fell in love with this basset hound at the animal shelter. I went and visited him and then thought about it for a couple of days. Then I went back. I know, I never should have gone back! But I'm glad I did. We brought Ed home with us. The kids fell in love with him and he loves the kids. He is particularly Alexis' best friend. He loves Alexis!!! He follows her everywhere and sleeps with her. He adores her. Alexis has done very well at taking care of him. She feeds and waters him and takes him for a walk daily.

Although he came with the name, Ed, he has earned the nickname of "Big Dummy". Look at those eyes, come on. How could you not call him that?

Aside from eating some garbage and some accidents in the house, he really has been a great dog. He has a great personality and he is awesome with the kids. I am really glad that the big dummy is part of our family!

Yeah, he doesn't believe that he should have to sleep on the floor. Why would you sleep on the floor when there are perfectly good couches and beds in the house??

My Birthday

This year for my birthday, my mom took me out to lunch at one of my new favorite restaurants, Eagles, on Main Street. It was a lot of fun. She made me a "cake" out of baberuth bars (they are sort of like a rice crispy treat) and Lisa and her kids came along too.

After the delicious lunch, we watched the kids play in the fountains on Main Street.

I had a great birthday and the kids had a blast playing in the fountains!

Dierkes Lake and Shoshone Falls

After the birthday party we headed over to Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake

~ut oh! someone upset the princess!~

~Alexis liked it~
~Brittany, my mom, Logan and Jordan~

~looks like Logan was replaced by Brookie~

~Angie and Alec, with his twin Colby peeking in the shot~

~bill and dad~

~the princess~

~Logan. He must've been telling a good story~

~And then Bill locks his keys in the car. He was too much of a man to call a locksmith. NO! don't do that! It took a little time and patience but by dang he got in!~

~Jordan didn't appreciate the company of the Canadian geese at Dierkes~

~but they didn't stay away for long~

~they all walked around the dock on the lake~

Brooklyn Turns 4!!!

Grandma Bagley's funeral was on Brooklyn's birthday so we decided to celebrate her 4th birthday the following day while we were in the canyon for our photo shoot.

~the birthday girl!!~

~she wanted a Belle cake, and grandma Haney delivered!!~

~her and her buddy, Colby~

~opening presents~

~Logan was just as excited about her presents as she was~

~pinata fun!!~

~Brittany cleaned up on candy!!~

~Mady was happy with just a sucker!~

The Family Photo Shoot

Mom decided that since it had been 6 years since our whole family had been together that we should have family pictures taken. We called our family friend, Tori, and she did a great job (if you need her let me know!) This is everyone except one son-in-law and 2 grandsons.

~the siblings~

~the grandchildren~
(except Mady who was being terrible that day)

~the parents~

~The Haney fam~

~awww, we love our brother~

~Lisa, Montana and Reagan~

~The Riley's~
Jordan, Angela, Brittany, Alec and Colby (Shane, not pictured)

~the Walker's~
(Rafferty not pictured)

~the Haney's~
Bill, Kim and Jake (Dylan, not pictured)

~me and 3 of my babies~
Mady chose not to participate, which was pretty much her theme for the day.

~a cool shot~

~this was before we all slid off the dock ;)~

~yes, we really are this crazy~

~cute pic!!~

~LOVE this pic of Brookie and her aunt Lisa!!~

then she took some random shots of the kids playing on the playground.
I think they turned out pretty cool!!

~Mady's little tear-stained face! I told you she was awful that day!~