Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My latest obsessions

Ok, those closest to me might say that, on occasion, I tend to obsess about things. I don't know why, but they may just be right. I felt compelled to write about it. I don't know what it is about those little iced coffees from McDonalds, but I want one every day! Sometimes two. It's not even that they taste that good (I get extra syrup to cover up the coffee flavor) but I think its the caffeine that I am addicted to. I need all the energy I can get and since I can't tap into Logan's energy overload, I am forced to spend $3 a day on this little gem.
My latest favorite song is All Summer Long, by Kid Rock. I have always liked Kid Rock, but lately I can't get enough of this song! Alexis loves it too. She knows all the words, and I'm not so sure that is a good thing. It is a little weird for her to sing "sippin whiskey out the bottle" and "makin love out by the lake" even though she doesn't know what that means. Its just a feel good song, and I can't stop listening to it!
Dexter!! I tried to watch this while it was on Showtime and it was a little disturbing but since the new season is coming out soon I decided to try again. Now I am hooked! Netflix couldn't get it to me fast enough so I went out and bought it. I would watch the whole thing today if I could. Its a good show. Weird, but good.
Big Brother. **sniff, sniff** Big Brother 10 comes to an end tonight. I have been obsessed with this damn show. I even made Lisa watch it this season so that I would have someone to talk to about it! It worked, she obeyed and Robert and Bryan make fun of us for discussing it. I watch the CBS show 3 times a week and I watch Big Brother After Dark every night on Showtime for 3 hours. I know, I know. It fills up time until I fall asleep every night. I am excited to see Dan win the $500,000 tonight, but man am I going to miss it! Until next season.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sexy Tour

Sexy, indeed!

Bryan loves to have his picture taken.

What a horrible picture!

Lisa and Robert enjoyed Red Robin, and Jim too

Friday night, Bryan, Robert, Lisa and I all went to Boise to go see Jim Gaffigan perform. Grandma Haney watched the kids and it was a nice, much needed get away. We went to dinner at Red Robin (yummmmm) and then Bryan, who kept us on a very strict schedule, allowed us 20 minutes to shop at Ross and then it was off to the show. The opening act, some guy names Rich....something (didn't catch his last name) was really funny...but then Jim came out. I laughed so hard my neck and face hurt!!! I think the guy next to me was probably a little irritated with me by the end of the show. I never heard him laugh, but maybe that was because I was laughing too loud. Lisa, Robert and Bryan all enjoyed themselves too. I could see Robert rocking forward in his seat, hitting the arm of the chair because he was laughing so hard. If you haven't ever heard Jim Gaffigan perform, you have to rent it, download it, look it up on youtube...something, because you won't be disappointed. We had a blast.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My precious Mady. Madelynn is almost 4 months old now and just gets cuter and cuter by the day. She is such a good baby. She is sleeping for 5 or 6 hours at a time during the night. She smiles when she sees you or if you talk to her and she has the cutest little giggle! She has found her toes and it's a toss-up which she likes more, her toes or her fingers. She doesn't like a binky but she does love to suck on her hands. She started to roll over a couple of weeks ago and she thinks she is so big now. She is a precious little princess and a wonderful finale to our little family.


My sweet little Brookie May. Brooklyn just turned two in June. She is starting to potty train herself! How awesome is that? It is a work in progress but I am so proud of how far she has come so fast. She has just started to show interest in TV. Her favorite things to watch are Elmo and Jon and Kate plus 8. It is so funny! There is an episode of Jon and Kate when they went to Sesame Place and that is her favorite! It's the best of both worlds, she can see all the little kids and all the Sesame Street characters at the same time. She will hand you the remote and if you ask her if she wants to watch Jon and Kate she starts to jump up and down. Since Alexis and Logan are in school now, there are a few hours a day that it is just Mady, Brookie and mommy and Brooklyn loves it! She likes her brother and sister but she also loves the spotlight. She is such a sweet little girl, but boy does she know what she likes and though she can't talk much, she lets you know what she wants! She doesn't really need to talk because we all know what it is she is wanting and jump to get it for her.
Brookie is my girly girl. She loves to wear skirts and bows in her hair and she loves to play with babies. She loves her baby sister and whenever Mady cries, Brooklyn stuffs a binky in her face. Brooklyn is still very much attached to her own binky. She has a favorite blanky and her binky and it makes bedtime a breeze for us! She likes to dance to music. It is so funny, when a song comes on the radio or the TV, she starts doing her twists and claps, it is adorable.


Oh, Logan! Logan is such a fun little boy. He is so happy and has such a great personality. He lives in his own happy little world most of the time. He is pure entertainment. His cousin Jordan said it best when he said "I could watch Logan all day long!" And it's true. He says the funniest, random things and he always has a smile on his face. He is a good big brother. He and Brooklyn are the best of friends. They play so well together and when Brooklyn gets mad and pulls his hair or hits him, he just laughs. He loves his baby sister, Mady. He sings to her when she is crying, it is so sweet. Alexis and Logan play very well together....some of the time....the rest of the time they fight. No one can make Logan as mad as Alexis can, but he is quick to forgive. He has recently learned to use the remote and so that is the newest fight between them. They are always hiding it from the other person so that they can control the TV.
Logan just started Kindergarten and he is doing very well. I was concerned about his "activity level" in school since the kid cannot sit still at home, but his teacher reassured me he is doing very well. He enjoys going to school and is making great progress. He has to see the speech therapist as he did the last two years in preschool but he is doing so well. The preschool program did him a world of help!

Logan loves to shop! I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't ask to go to Target! He has my yard sale gene and loves to go on the weekends with mom and grandma. Logan loves to play with his super heroes and action figures. He really likes to watch TV and loves to play the Wii. He just started playing soccer and it is so much fun to watch. He just sort of runs with the pack. He doesn't really seem like he is out to kick the ball, he is just happy to be out there running down the field with his friends. He runs down the field and waves at me and yells "Hi mommy!"


Alexis is 7 years old and just started second grade. She is a good student and does well in school.
She had some issues with her teacher last year but her second grade teacher seems to be a better fit with her and I think will make a world of difference this year. Lexy is such a sweet and compassionate girl, but she also has a bit of her mommy's short fuse in her as well. On occasion, I refer to her as my mini-me if that tells you anything. ;0) She is a big help around the house and with her younger brother and sisters. She knows how to push Logan's buttons and the two of them fight....a lot. I remember fighting with my big brother, so I suppose that's all part of growing up....ugh! Alexis likes to read, watch TV and draw in her spare time. She has been playing sports thru the rec district too. She has become quite good at soccer this year and is enjoying it more this year than she did last year. She also plays soft ball and basketball. Basketball is her favorite sport. I secretly hope that she is better at sports than her mom was...boy that's not a big shoe to fill! hahaha Alexis loves "girl time" with her mom, aunt or grandma, pretty much just some alone time away from her little brother or sisters. She likes to go shopping or just go to the mall and have a smoothie and some fries and she loves to have sleep-overs at grandma's or Lisa's house. She is a great kid and a true blessing to our family. She has a great sense of humor and a very contagious laugh, and when you hear it you can't help but join her.


Bryan is still working at the post office. He has been there for 9 years now. He is the Union Steward for the office and that keeps him very busy. He gets sick of listening to the complaints, but inside I think he may actually enjoy doing it and he is very, very good at it. When he isn't delivering the mail, he is home being the best dad, and husband I could ask for. He is a huge, huge help with the kids and the house. Don't tell him this, but he is a better cook than I am and he does the majority of the cooking. We are a good match, if I do say so myself, when I stress, he calms me down. When I'm sad, he cheers me up. And when I am laughing, he is there laughing with me. In addition to being a wonderful husband and father, he is my best friend and I am so lucky to have him in my life.


I spend my days running after my children like a crazy person. I am the mommy taxi most of the day running kids to and from school and soccer. I work a couple of nights a week when Bryan has a day off, other than that I am a stay-at-home mom of Alexis, Logan, Brooklyn and Madelynn. They keep me very busy and sometimes a little crazy too. I feel so very blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. I had to hand Alexis over to a day care when she was only 6 weeks old and I cried the whole way to work. That is when I decided that if we could work it out, I wouldn't put my kids back in day care again. They are so much fun and they keep me on my toes. Every day is an adventure, whether it's Bryan performing the Heimlich maneuver on Brooklyn, or just the battle of taking 4 kids grocery shopping, at the end of the day I am so thankful to get to spend so much time with these little tiny people.

well, here we go

Well, I am going to give this blogging thing a try. I suppose I should get caught up with the rest of the world. I am doing this in hopes of keeping a sort of a journal of our families milestones and adventures along the way. We'll see how well I do at keeping up!