Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Sweet Logan

My Logan is a goofy, loving, funny boy with a heart of gold.  I remember when he was blessed 8 years ago, they said "he will bring people to the church."  I will never forget those words and now I am beginning to see the signs of this.

The other night I was sitting on my bed getting ready for work and he came in, exhausted, and laid down on my bed.  He got all comfy in my blanket and then said "oh, I almost forgot." and he got out of bed and knelt down and said his prayers.  My heart melted.

Last night as I was getting ready for work, he was reading me a book.  Then he said "after I'm done with this book I'm going to read Harry Potter then I'm going to read The Book of Mormon."

And finally, as I left last night for work, he ran out to the car, kissed me on the cheek and said "I love you with all my heart!" 

I honestly couldn't be more proud of my boy.  He has such a sweet spirit and a truly amazing testimony that makes my testimony grow and my heart swell.  I admit I am terrible about kneeling to pray.  I lie in bed and pray most of the time and for him to kneel next to my bed, without being prompted, really set an example for me.  And the fact that he has The Book of Mormon on his list of books to read is amazing.  I am slowly reading the Book of Mormon but maybe we should read it together.  I believe what was said in his blessing is already coming true.  I know that some day he will be a fantastic missionary and I pray that he will stay this sweet boy matter how big he gets. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Surgery

Last month we went to Boise for eye appointments for the kids and went to the zoo.  At the zoo Alexis started complaining that her stomach hurt.  I, of course, went to my usual"do you need to poop?" immediately.  She stayed in the car while we ate after the zoo and was miserable the rest of the day.  She started vomiting on the way home.  She continued to throw up for the next day.  I assumed that she had a virus. On the morning of day 3, she was no longer vomiting but was crying because of the pain in her stomach.  I took her to our doctor and he ordered a CT scan and blood work.  We went to the hospital and the CT scan confirmed appendicitis with possible rupture.

Poor Alexis!  She was so scared to have surgery.  She was very brave.  The nurses kept telling her what a great patient she was.  She didn't complain during the IV or the blood draws.  While we were waiting for the doctor before the surgery, two nurse friends of mine came upstairs to give her a blessing. I'm not sure if the blessing helped her or me more.  I felt so much better after it. 

The anesthesiologist gave her some "happy medicine" (Versed) prior to taking her back to surgery and we were all laughing at her because she couldn't stop smiling.  Even as they wheeled her around the corner into surgery she was still smiling.

Thankfully, her appendix had not ruptured.  She only had to spend one night in the hospital.  Her nurses and doctors were amazing and she received great care.  She had hardly any pain and recovered very quickly.  It's amazing how fast kids bounce back!

The surgeon gave her pictures of her appendix and pictures of it being removed.  This was a big hit the first week of school when her teacher put them in the overhead projector for the whole class to see on the big screen.  :)

Those three days she was sick, Ed would not leave her side.  I mean literally would not leave her.  I had to drag him outside to go to the bathroom.  Funny how animals know that something is wrong.  He is so protective of her!  When she came home from the hospital he once again wouldn't leave her side.  It's so nice to be loved and we are so grateful that Alexis is healthy again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I just finished reading this and I CAN'T WAIT to go see the movie. I loved, loved LOVED it!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is often said that change is for the better. Is it? And who says this, because I'm not so sure I agree. I'm not such a big fan of change. In the seven months since I last blogged (yikes!!) LOTS has changed!!!!

  • All of my kids had a birthday. I hate that they're growing up so fast! :(

  • My parents moved out of their house that they've lived in for 43 years. The house that I grew up in. The new house is about 3 times as big and is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • My mom and her siblings began cleaning out my grandma's house to get it ready to sell. That's the house my mom grew up in and the only house I've ever known as "grandma's".

  • We moved into our new hospital. It's very pretty and much bigger and nicer, but I spent the last 12 years working in that other one.

  • I have to work with two new pharmacists on my night shift. One I really enjoy and the other is a pain in my butt and I don't like working with him. I really, really miss working with Tom and Shannon. Tom and I always joke that we are "work married". We have worked together since I started at Kurt's Pharmacy 13 years ago. I miss working with him. And Shannon is about to have baby #2 :)

  • And today I was diagnosed with Diabetes. UGH!! It shouldn't be much of a surprise. I mean when you have a family history, you're 100 lbs overweight, your activity level is at a minimum and you eat whatever you want....what's to be surprised about?? I am however, very bummed. This is a big change. A lifestyle change. I just started on oral medication and have already began watching what I eat. I hope to increase my activity and get this thing under control!! I enjoy having feeling in my extremeties, being able to see and like having full-functioning kidneys so I think I'll cut back on carbs and sugar! The doctor asked me today if I've had any additional stress since my last check in December and like a fool I said "not that I can think of'" DUH!! I guess I should refer her to this blog post. ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

The South Hills

This year, in my true procrastinator fashion, we waited till the last day to go visit the house in the South Hills with the really awesome Christmas lights. Even if it was New Years eve, it was still impressive as usual.
These people decorate EVERYTHING on their property. It is very impressive. It takes them 3 months to put it all up and 3 months to take it all down and their power bill during the 2 months the display is up is over $2000 a month. But still, they do it every year and it is still very impressive.
This year Mady was super excited to see any Christmas lights. Even if a house only had one string up, she thought it was so cool and would point and say "look at the Christmas!" So we knew we had to take her to see this house and she couldn't get over it, she LOVED it!!!

this is the shot from the top of the lane

Logan was apparently attacked by a gigantic Nutcracker.

it was FREEZING cold but Mady didn't care, she had to take in every single string of lights!

the house. Just so you know, these pictures don't even begin to do this justice.

Mady and aunt Lisa

Reagan and Lexy

Bryan and I discovered that sweatshirts were not quite enough to keep us warm.

While the house and the lights are impressive, our personal favorite part is the camel!!

I always seem to take pics of people with their eyes closed, sorry Bry!!

His name is Bull and he LOVES to eat carrots!!!

Lisa and Lexy feeding him carrots

he's a nice camel
Montana, Lexy, Rafferty and Reagan