Friday, January 21, 2011

The South Hills

This year, in my true procrastinator fashion, we waited till the last day to go visit the house in the South Hills with the really awesome Christmas lights. Even if it was New Years eve, it was still impressive as usual.
These people decorate EVERYTHING on their property. It is very impressive. It takes them 3 months to put it all up and 3 months to take it all down and their power bill during the 2 months the display is up is over $2000 a month. But still, they do it every year and it is still very impressive.
This year Mady was super excited to see any Christmas lights. Even if a house only had one string up, she thought it was so cool and would point and say "look at the Christmas!" So we knew we had to take her to see this house and she couldn't get over it, she LOVED it!!!

this is the shot from the top of the lane

Logan was apparently attacked by a gigantic Nutcracker.

it was FREEZING cold but Mady didn't care, she had to take in every single string of lights!

the house. Just so you know, these pictures don't even begin to do this justice.

Mady and aunt Lisa

Reagan and Lexy

Bryan and I discovered that sweatshirts were not quite enough to keep us warm.

While the house and the lights are impressive, our personal favorite part is the camel!!

I always seem to take pics of people with their eyes closed, sorry Bry!!

His name is Bull and he LOVES to eat carrots!!!

Lisa and Lexy feeding him carrots

he's a nice camel
Montana, Lexy, Rafferty and Reagan

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